More about the Founder..


Hi, I'm Steve Curtis, lead instructor and founder of HeadFirst.

And 4 years ago I wasn't leaning against a wall in Australia. I was a Police Officer in the

UK's Metropolitan Police Service.

It's a job I did for 22 years, six of them racing around the East End of London as part of an emergency response team - an unarmed role in the UK dealing with robbers, burglars, shoplifters, cases of domestic violence, bar fights and riots to name but a few.

I then spent 12 years in the Specialist Firearms Unit working across the whole of London, actively targeting armed criminals and organised gangs, and being involved in counter-terrorism, surveillance operations, and hostage rescue.

Then finally I joined the Royalty and Specialist Protection Command, which for want of a better expression are the 'Bodyguards' seen on TV looking after the Royal Family and high ranking members of the Government, up to and including the Prime Minister whose team was the last I worked on.


It was a job I loved but it was time to move on to bigger and better things and in 2019 my family and I moved to Australia. I guess that's where it should have ended but I felt like I still had something to give, and what started as an idea to write some personal safety tips down as part of a blog became something bigger. 


I did some research and found that many 'Self Defence' courses only pay lip service to the idea of identifying a threat early and avoiding it, instead focusing on the premise of waiting to be attacked and then hoping you can retaliate, which seemed an incomplete way of teaching self defence. It was certainly at odds with how the professionals are taught, since effective Close Protection relies on a more pro-active response to potential danger rather than waiting to engage an active one.

I thought about the people I cared about the most. What I'd want them to learn if I could impart anything from my training and experience, and from that ethos HeadFirst was born. 



If there's anything more you'd like to know about HeadFirst or Personal Safety training in general don't hesitate to get in touch. If you've been a victim of violent crime already, anything you share will be in the strictest confidence. And rest assured I don't do hard sell, so I'll take the time to answer your query honestly and leave it up to you to decide if you want to take it further. 

Stay safe.

I'm passionate about teaching people the same skills that the professionals learn to look after themselves and others. The training I received was amongst the best in the world and on more than one occasion kept me alive when I was put into some of the most dangerous situations Police Officers can be put. I hope you never experience anything similar but just in case you might, I'm ready to show you how to deal with it.