Teenagers and Adolescents Personal Safety Course

So first of all, why a special page about a course that teaches children Personal Safety? Easy really, because they are special. If you're a parent or guardian, likelihood is they are the most important people in your life; they are your world and you are their bodyguard and up until recently anyone who wanted to hurt them had to get past you first, right? 

But they're growing up fast. And now they're not so keen to have you around all the time. Not cool to have Mum or Dad in the background. They want their independence, and you want them to grow- really you do- but no matter how old they get, they'll always be your little boy or girl. The worrying never stops. 

I get that, I'm a parent myself and although I've protected some pretty important people in my past line of work none of them were as important as the ones who call me Dad. 

So, ultimately you want to know your kids are safe out and about without you and that's where HeadFirst comes in. We don't just give them the tools to fight off an attacker or predator, we teach them how to spot them long before they have to and then show them how to deal with it.

This isn't empty talk. I know that competing for their attention from their mobile phone or their friends is tough, but that's okay. It's not the quantity of the time spent observing their surroundings, it's the quality that will keep them out of harms way. You still want them to have a life, and knowing what to look for will always beat mindlessly looking around when they don't. 

I also know criminals in a way that only a lifetime dealing with them can provide and have the training and experience to eliminate any threat they pose. The good news is I can teach your children to do the same. 

Have a look below. This course was written from the heart. It's the skills I teach my own children. Knowing when to be situationally aware without scaring them to death. So you can stop worrying.


Okay, so you're always going to do that, but at least you can relax a little. 

We'll teach them.. (amongst other things)

Predator detection

Probably the criminal that parents fear most for their children. Understanding the different types, how to spot them, how they operate and most importantly how to deal with them will empower your children to live their life normally, without fear; able to identify and neutralise this often hidden danger effectively. 

Confidence Building

Whether it's travelling alone, either on foot or on public transport or dealing with aggression in school, in the workplace if they've started their first job, or out and about. We give them the confidence to identify dangerous situations before they escalate and have a plan to deal with it. 

How to deal with Bullying 

Whether it's online or in person, bullying can be as damaging emotionally as it can be physically. We'll provide your children with the tools to identify bullying behaviour in others and a strategy to defend themselves against it, improving their self confidence and their emotional resolve. 

Physical Intervention techniques

If all else fails and they've been unable to avoid confrontation you want to know they can physically defend themselves, potentially against a much stronger aggressor. We'll teach them highly effective techniques that are easy to learn and hard to forget even under stress that they'll be able to use as soon as they leave the class.