Workplace violence is increasing in Australia.

A recent report by Safe Work Australia showed:

37% of workers have reported being sworn at or yelled at in the workplace.

22% report being physically assaulted.

39% of mental disorder claims were caused by harassment, bullying or exposure to violence.

The effects on individual businesses can be felt in many different areas including financially, in productivity, in recruitment and in workplace moral. 

Employers have a duty of care for their employees welfare and to ensure they feel safe and have adequate training to deal with violence or aggression

Our course provides your staff with highly effective techniques for dealing with aggressive individuals that will help keep them safe and instil greater confidence in their ability to deescalate violence.

Regardless of the size of your Business, the course can be tailored to meet the specific needs and concerns of your staff.

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A session for women only that focuses on the particular threats faced by women.


A 3 hour interactive classroom based presentation followed by a 1 hour physical intervention practice session.

Learning outcomes will be met by a thorough understanding of topics such as:

  • ·       Situational awareness

  •         Targeted intuition

  • ·       Early recognition of violent              individuals and intent

  • ·       Use of baselines to identify               suspicious activity, and

  •         How to make a rapid                        environmental assessment    of  danger (READ) in unfamiliar surroundings

In addition to other learning outcomes being met, students will have a thorough understanding of the different types of sexual predators, how to identify them and how to neutralise any approach.


The subject of Rapid Environmental Assessment of Danger (READ) will focus on locations that may be of particular concern to lone females such as multi-storey car parks, public transport, bars /nightclubs, taxis and night time streets.


Courses can be structured to meet any additional concerns if communicated by students ahead of the lesson.

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A survey revealed that in Australia 80% of men said they feel safe walking home vs only 50% of women. 

As an employer, your responsibility for your staffs welfare extends beyond the business and into their commute too and from work

The Corporate Masterclass is a great team building session that will significantly increase your employees Situational Awareness. Through exercises and discussion, the 3 pillars of HeadFirst training, including Identification and Neutralisation of a potential threat, followed by deescalation of an active threat will be mastered.


In addition the course can be tailored to any specific concerns your staff might have, particularly if they are vulnerable to targeted attack because of affiliation to the business


If requested the classroom based session can be complemented by a 1 hour physical Self Defence lesson where students will be taught effective techniques to incapacitate and physically neutralise an attacker. 

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